I would like to explain what the meaning of download speed is. The incoming data will measure the speed of the download. Mbps measure it. Mbps means megabits per second. Your device’s Mbps will decide the loading speed of websites, e-mails, Facebook account, online videos, streaming Medias from your device to another one, etc.

If your incoming data will close, so the download speed also becomes decrease. After few minute the connection will be slowly disconnecting.in this point your device “ISP” is the father of your internet service.

Now you can test your download speed. There are many software tools in the software market. Those tools are doing a great job for you can check your internet speed anytime.

A lot of people always believe the fast download gives more advantageous for them. Yes, it is. The speed of downloading system there is more benefit. It saves our time and money too.


You will face a terrible problem if you have not a good speed internet.  Sometimes it becomes a mention stress too. We can see the screen always try to loading, and it gives more time to download anything if it is a low number of Mb the time is not change it gets a lot of time. Yes, it is a problem.

High download speed
High download speed


What is the high download speed? 

We can categorize the download speed of any Internet connection. I told you before. It is decided only of the Mega per minute of their incoming data. So we should understand what the limited of the download speeds are. We can measure it according to the limit ranges of Mbps. Let’s check what those levels are.

  • We can do your usual things daily only between 1 and 4 Mbps. Like you can check our emails, search about any website, download 7-9 MB mp3 songs, stream little bit services too.(but you cannot transfer videos). This is the lower level of the internet speed.
  • You can streaming HD movies, music in 4-6 Mbps. Federal communication said if you want to do your one day process thus this range is very suitable for that great jobs.
  • If someone wants to watch movies, song videos, other informative videos on your computer, so the best internet speed is this. That is 6 and 10 Mbps. You can share little bit more sizes files and stream online. “salway” was explain this limit is the middle seat for us. Special you can carry on entertaining with online. I hope this is a super speed for a home.
  • Think a moment now you are a driver on one of the subway so still you’re on that road. But if you have more than 10 Mbps it says now the road is not a subway. It is a highway, but you can drive only 65 mph. Between 10 and 15Mbps you can get web base application like appvn, and you can download more free applications with different sizes into your devices speed. You can do distance education programming in online. This limit can provide communication information about health, management, business, etc.
  • If you have appvn software methods, you can work with it quickly and fast downloads as well as you can play more games and get third party hacking games as soon as the releasing of those apps with appvn and same as you can play games online.That is not all you can see high-quality videos too. All of these parts can do with the Mbps of 15 and 50.
  • Do you have more than 50 Mbps? Now you are blazed. You can drive on this highway there has no limit. Your mph only decides you. Because of this level, the internet is waiting for you. You can peregrinate any other corner of the internet. This limited can get more chances for every person. There has a lot of useful areas so you. For example, if you have a business you can connect your network operator.


In the recently FCC was research about the speed of the internet connection and downloads in the America. They said a lot of homes has more than 50 Mbps speed of the internet connection, and “salway”  also accepted about that matter. Multiple users can get more advantageous, and they can communicate their medical problems, business matters, management, and education ways with the real time. If you need do many downloads, many online processes in on time.So here is the best capacity of the internet connection.


We must talk about wifi connection too. You can get high download speed with this wireless system too. Above all the information always talk about broadband connection. But in the modern wifi is the standard system for high download.  It categories for maximum and minimum areas according to the expands of their signals. There has beautiful network protocol system too. They offer up to highest  802.11 ac for 1000 Mbps.( 1 Gbps)so this is a one of radio network protocol. And the download speed is like an electric shock.